Pastry shop
Buca di Bacco

The sweetest Positano corner

The tradition taste.
and the scent of our land

The shortcrust pastry fragrance combined with the citrus fruits scent of the Amalfi Coast. Naturally leavened dough for a genuine but tasty pastry: food that enhance the aromas of our land. Positano lemon, oranges from our gardens, creams and fillings still prepared by hand. A moment of absolute sweetness to treat yourself when you wake up, in the middle of the morning, after a day at the beach or to end a fantastic day in the best way. Because the Buca di Bacco pastry shop is an unforgettable taste that you will never forget.

The chocolate luxury

An enveloping temptation, a flattering sensation and a passion that ignites in all its forms: hot cup, creamy or in the cone. In our artisan laboratory our pastry chefs experiment new combinations. This is how La Buca di Bacco chocolate shop was born: a magical place where art, sweetness and relaxation come together in an amalgam with a unique flavor. Because there is nothing better in the world than chocolate from the Amalfi Coast.

Christmas Special: The artisan Buca di Bacco panettone

Sun, sea and the citrus aroma.
This is the secret recipe of the artisanal panettone prepared by our chefs: a golden filling, a crunchy topping and a leavened dough from the Amalfi Coast. The ecstasy of the five senses: a Christmas to live with the mind, the heart and the flavors.
A party to share with all the people you love.

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Valentine's day special
at the Buca di Bacco

The sweeter love side:
cakes and small pastries dedicated to the feast of lovers.
In view of February 14th our pastry chefs are used to making creations that recall the noblest of feelings.
Heart, chocolate, cream and hugs: because there is nothing better than being together.

Buca di Bacco Easter pastry

The tradition renaissance
Easter & Amalfi Coast: a visceral relationship; a festivity experienced intensely by people of Positano. Hugging again with parents, friends and the most the most beautiful season: the summer. The sun that becomes warmer again and the small village that comes back to life after the cold winter. This moment of the year is an experience with a genuine taste of home, similar to artisan chocolate that turns into a very sweet egg, or the soft dough of the so-called “colomba”, a soft filled Italian panettone filled with homemade creams. In addition at “Buca di Bacco” you’ll find also traditional desserts, dry pastries, chocolates and sugared almonds. Our Easter surprise: goodness, authenticity and tradition

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